Untitled Series
Selected collages and images made exploring the abilities of Adobe Suite. By combining my love of collage and fabulated spaces, I create fantastical scenes drawn out of the mundane and ordinary.

Fortunately Magazine
Fortunately is a physical and digital lifestyle publication focusing on solidarity economies. Made in collaboration with Zoë Pulley. Visit the site here. 

Selected works from my time as a Brand Designer for the underwear company, Parade. 

Leave it at the Door (Video Game)
Leave it at the Door is a video game created and written to parody reality dating shows. Play the game here.

Bad Girls Club
Bad Girls Club is a publication for my undergraduate thesis focusing on Black women in reality television as a form of archival practice. Read the essay here.

Black Biennial
The Black Biennial is an exhibition celebrating artists and creatives in Providence, Rhode Island. The focus was to celebrate and acknowledge Black artistry in all forms. In collaboration with: Rey Londres, Melaine Ferdinand-King, Zoë Pulley and Nailah Golden.

Design lead for the Appy case study. Appy is India’s first still apple beverage made by Parlé Agro. Visualized through bold, blocked color & type, the brand represents the drink’s unbelievably crisp & fresh qualities.

Selected Posters
Various posters designed from 2018-2023.